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.Gracemere Weekly Sale No's








Friday 13th July 2018

2385 Cattle Booked 2385


Comprising:                        1010  Steers

                                            1035  Heifers

                                            300     Cows

                                            22       Cows & Calves

                                            23       Bulls


The following lines will be on offer: 

Ex Mt Coolon 50 Brahman Steers No.7

Ex Nebo 30 Brahman X Steers No.7

Ex Local 15 Droughtmaster Steers No.7

Ex Bauhinia 15 Brahman X Steers No.6

Ex Grasstree Beach 57 Brahman X Weaner Steers

Ex Baralaba 50 Brahman X Weaner Steers

Ex Dingo 70 Brangus Weaner Steers

Ex Sarina 35 Droughtmaster Weaner Steers


 Ex Mornish 40 Brahman X M/S No.7 L/F

Ex Keppel Sands, 30 Crossbred Heifers No.8

Ex Dingo, 50 Brahman Heifers No.8

Ex Dingo 40 Brahman X Heifers No.7 & 8

Ex Woodbury 30 Brahman Heifers No.7

Ex Nebo 25 Brahman X Heifers No.7

Ex Bauhinia 15 Brahman X Heifers No.6

Ex St Lawrence 20 Brahman Heifers No.6

Ex Collinsville 15 Brahman X Heifers No.6

Ex Collinsville 160 Charbray Heifers No.6

Ex Grasstree Beach 27 Brahman X Weaner Heifers

Ex Collinsville 50 Charbray M/S Weaners

Ex Moura 50 Crossbred M/S Feeders

Ex Ubobo 50 Brahman X M/S Weaners

Ex Yaamba 50 Brahman X M/S Weaners

Ex Rolleston 70 Brahman X M/S Weaners

Ex Mackay, 22 Brahman M/S Weaners

Ex Marlborough 20 Brahman M/S Weaners

Ex Duaringa 70 Brahman & Brangus X M/S Weaners

Ex Collinsville 30 Brangus M/S Weaners

Ex Thangool 40 Brangus M/S Weaners

Ex Duaringa 100 Brangus M/S Weaners

Ex Biloela 20 Charbray M/S Weaners

Ex Dalma 40 Charbray M/S Weaners

Ex Raglan 40 Droughtmaster M/S Weaners

Ex Bauhinia Downs 80 Crossbred M/S Weaners

Ex Mt Larcom 30 Droughtmaster M/S Weaners

Ex Baralaba 36 Brahman X Cows & Heifers (Prime)

Ex Marlborough 84 Brahman X Cows (Store)

Ex St Lawrence 24 Brahman Cows (Prime)

Ex Collinsville 12 Brahman X Cows

Ex Middlemount 60 Brahman Cows (Prime)

Ex Duaringa 20 Brahman X Cows (Prime)

Ex Yeppoon 30 Brangus Cows 


                                                                 START TIME 8.30AM.