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.Gracemere Weekly Sale No's


Gracemere Cattle Sale

Friday 17th November 2017   

2870     Cattle Booked     2870



1220   Steers                         

1140    Heifers


450     Cows

44     Cows & Calves

19      Bulls


The following lines will be on offer:    



Ex Morinish 40 Droughtmaster Steers No.5

Ex Mt Coolon 30 Brahman X Steers No.5 (Prime)

Ex Gogango 190 Crossbred Steers No.6 & 7

Ex South Yaamba 100 Santa Gertrudis Steers No.7

Ex Nebo 70 Santa Steers No.6

Ex Sarina 60 Charbray Steers No.6

Ex Raglan 50 Red Brahman Heifers No.6 & 7

Ex Nebo 45 Brahman X Steers No.6

Ex Mt Coolon 30 Brahman X Steers No.6

Ex Mackay 20 Brahman X Steers No.6

Ex Ridgelands 30 Droughtmaster Feeder Steers

Ex Duaringa 25 Brangus Feeder Steers

Ex Duaringa 25 Brahman Feeder Steers

Ex Wowan 20 Droughtmaster Feeder Steers

Ex Wowan 15 Brangus Feeder Steers

Ex Nebo 30 Brahman Mickeys

Ex Clarke Creek 160 Charbray, Brangus & Brahman Heifers No.6 (EU Top Quality)

Ex Sarina 120 Charbray Heifers No.6

Ex South Yaamba 90 Santa Gertrudis Heifers No.7

Ex Belyando Crossing 70 Brahman Heifers No.7

Ex Belyando Crossing 60 Brahman Heifers No.6

Ex Gogango 60 Crossbred Heifers No.6 & 7

Ex Nebo 40 Brahman X Heifers No.6

Ex Mackay 40 Grey Brahman Heifers No.7

Ex Nebo 30 Brahman Heifers

Ex Duaringa 30 Brangus X Feeder Heifers

Ex Mackay 20 Brahman X Heifers No.7

Ex Milman 20 Brangus Heifers No.7

Ex Dingo 35 M/S Charbray Weaners

Ex Mount Larcom 30 M/S Brahman No.7

Ex Marlborough 30 M/S Brahman Weaners

Ex Yeppoon 30 M/S Red Brangus Weaners

Ex Goovigen 30 M/S Droughtmaster Weaners

Ex Mackay 25 M/S Brahman X Weaners

Ex Duaringa 20 M/S Droughtmaster X Weaners

Ex Blackwater 100 Brahman X Cows (Prime)

Ex Raglan 40 Red Brahman Cows (Prime)

Ex St Lawrence 40 Brahman Cows (Prime)

Ex Kunawarra 32 Brahman Cows (Store)

Ex Wowan 20 Droughtmaster Cows (Prime)

Ex Calliope 20 Brahman X Cows (Prime)

Ex Nebo 20 Brahman Cows

Ex Calliope 20 Droughtmaster Cows

Ex Dingo 16 Charbray Cows (Prime)

Ex Local 10 Brahman Cows

Ex Mt Larcom 20 Droughtmaster Cows & Calves

Ex Bushley 8 Brahman X Cows & Calves